The coronavirus pandemic is causing havoc across the world and is effecting every aspect of our lives, including our 

small business. Below you will find up to date information on what we are doing during the pandemic, as well as current information on what you can still order from us during these unprecedented times. 

UPDATED 26th May 2020


On Sunday 10th May the government updated their advise, and relaxed the lockdown. Not a lot, but a little. 

This means we now feel it is within guidelines for us to restart doing some deliveries. There are of course still limitations on what we are both allowed to do, and what we feel is the best thing for ourselves and our customers.

Here's how we'll be carrying out our deliveries over the next few weeks:

  • We will only be doing one man deliveries. It will only be myself (Allan) that will do them, as I don't feel it's right to ask my staff to do something I wouldn't. 

  • We will only be doing deliveries locally. The reason for this is it eliminates the need for refuelling and bathroom breaks, hotel stay overs etc... At the moment 'locally' means roughly an hour travel time from our workshop.

  • On all deliveries I will wear a face mask and gloves, and sanitise my hands before getting out of the van.

  • We still cannot do any deliveries that need a two man delivery, as travelling in the van together will mean we are not keeping to the 2 metre rule.

  • I can deliver your furniture to your doorstep if you would rather I didn't come inside your home.

  • If you would like me to bring your furniture into your home, I ask a few things from you: Of course we must keep the 2 metre rule, please move any furniture that may be in the way before I arrive, and please ensure a clear path all the way from where I can park the van to where you would like your furniture to be placed.

  • If you, or any one in your house hold is feeling unwell, please let me know and we will re-arrange delivery.

  • I will of course only deliver if I am feeling well and both myself, my household, and my staff have no symptoms.

  • We truly appreciate that our customers have been waiting patiently and are excited for the delivery of their new furniture. We want to get it to you as soon as we can, but we hope you agree it needs to be done safely for everyone.

  • Our showroom is now fully closed to the public and will remain closed to the public for the foreseeable future.

  • We deliver all our larger furniture ourselves, and unfortunately have had to postpone all larger deliveries for the foreseeable future. Smaller items like clocks, stools, candle holders and anything on our AVAILABLE NOW page is delivered via courier and this is still currently available to order. UK mainland deliveries are usually within 48 hours of ordering, but please be patient as the couriers are extremely busy at the moment too.

  • We are a small team, often working alone, and therefore can (at the moment) still continue to make our furniture in the workshop safely and in line with government guidelines.

  • You can still have any piece of furniture designed for you (in fact this is now normally a same day or next day process), so please get in touch if you have an idea for a piece of furniture.

  • We will still be making orders as normal as possible, and deliveries will resume when the situation allows it.