French noun (masc.)
Definition: steel
Plural: aciers
Pronunciation: a-see-air

Acier  - 

We hand make every single Acier, from scratch, in our workshop in Yorkshire,

using genuine wine crates, steel, and chunky oak.

This means you can have literally any design, layout, size, and finish.

Design your Acier

Step one: Size and layout


Configure your Acier to fit your space, anything from the smallest one crate Acier, up to a double sided kitchen island, and full wall entertainment cabinets to hallway tables.

If you can't see what you are looking for simply get in touch, we'd love to make it for you.

Coffee tables

Step Two: Steel finish


Depending on whether you want a sleek and smooth finish, or a more industrial look, we can finish the steel work and welding in a number of different ways:

Exposed welds with

clear powdercoat

Step Three: Wine crate finish


Choose between a matching stain for a more uniform look, 

or get a little texture with a patchwork finish where we give each wine crate a slightly different stain.

And finally...


Step Four: Add some features


Make your Acier 'the' perfect Acier for you.

Add on doors, fold down fronts (ideal of TV cabinets etc), shelves...anything!


If you have ordered a custom Acier you will find your order in here.