#36 clean oak Bordeaux Nannup

#36 clean oak Bordeaux Nannup


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This stunning Nannup Wine Clock is handmade from a French oak red wine barrique from Bordeaux, France.


Cooper: Ermitage

Size: 600 x 115 mm

Year: 2011

Origin: Bordeaux, France

Hoop finish: Black

Oak finish: Clean


Unique touch: This beautiful Nannup wine clock features some original repairs to the headboard that would of been carried out in the winery by the winemaker or cellarhands. Tiny holes are sometimes created by small bugs called 'bourers'. The fix is to drill out the hole and plug it with a dowel. A really nice original feature, exclusively to this barrel.


One only. Available now. Supplied with all fixings and a 'Certificate of Origin'.


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