Greens Pool Mirror

Greens Pool Mirror


The Greens Pool Mirror is a real piece of art in itself!
Made from the headboards (they are the end pieces, or lids) of French oak wine barrels, this solid mirror has bags and bags of character! With select pieces of oak inverted to show the red wine staining, along with glimpses of the coopers details and branding, you will never find two Greens Pool Mirrors the same.

Available in two sizes, or get us to make one to your exact dimensions.
Hanging Greens Pool Mirror: 69 x 69 cm
Extra Large Floor Standing Greens Pool Mirror: 200 x 70 cm

So why is it called the Greens Pool Mirror?
Greens Pool is a magical place in the Great Southern of Western Australia. It is a small, protected bay which has crystal clear turquoise water that is so still it is like a mirror!

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