Nannup weather clock


Our hugely popular Nannup clock just got a little extra (but only for the next 10 clocks!)


We make our new LIMITED EDITION Nannup weather clocks to order from premium used red wine barrels, predominantly from Bordeaux. Along with the oversized jet black clock hands, the Nannup weather clock also has 3 weather guages inset into the face with a thermometer (temperature), barometer (atmospheric pressure), and hygrometer (humidity).


With a choice of both the oak finish (clean or character) and the hoop finish (silver, black, or rustic), your Nannup weather clock can be handmade to get the exact look you want. You can ever personalise it with some laser engraving.


Supplied with hidden hanging bracket, battery, and Certificate of Origin.


These are strictly a limited edition as the weather gauges are no longer being produced. There are a total of 10 Nannup Weather Clocks available, and if you can still order it here, then they are still avaiable. They will automatically go out of stock when all 10 have been sold.

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