NEW 2x2 Acier TV cabinet

NEW 2x2 Acier TV cabinet


This Acier is a brand new design, fresh out of the workshop; a remodel of our already hugely popular 3x1 TV cabinet.


With 4 slimline wine crate drawers mounted on our push to open runners, with two solid oak shelves, it offers a world of not only practical storage but also versatility for sky boxes, games consoles, sound bars etc.

Topped with a solid oak top, and all nestled within a handmade slimline steel frame, it makes for a beautifully elegant TV cabinet. We've also designed the height to cover plug and aerial sockets placed at current building regulation height (however we can of course customise the height, depth and length often at little or no extra cost).


We've finished this one with exposed welds and a clear powdercoat, with a matching wine crate drawer finish, and this one is available now!


We also think this would work beautifully as a console/hallway table by just increasing the leg height.


Dimensions (+/-5mm): 1650  x 580 x 350mm (LxHxD)