Vintage castor 4x1 Acier coffee table

Vintage castor 4x1 Acier coffee table


We're slowly getting our new house in Australia furnished and settling in.

Every day it feels more and more like 'our home'.

But the one thing we haven't found yet is the perfect coffee table,



I came up with the idea of using our oversized, cast iron industrial castors on an Acier coffee table years ago, but we've just never gotten around to making one.

So one of the first pieces I suggested David make for the showroom was this beauty.


4 genuine wine crate drawers open on both sides on our silky smooth push to open runners, all housed in a handmade steel frame finished with exposed welds and a clear powder coat.


The castors not only look like they mean business, they act the part too;

soft tread cast iron wheels so they won't mark your floors, and lockable on all 4 corners meaning it's easy to move when you want it too, but won't budge when it's time to bring out the wine and cheese.


Since I'm just too far away to grab it myself, it could be yours!

One only, available now, and can be in your home in time for Christmas.


Dimensions: 1110mm x 690mm x 355mm (LxDxH)


One only, available now.