Wine racks

& drinks cabinets

-  handmade to order  - 
-  completely customisable  -
-  totally unique  -

Our bespoke wine barrel racks and drinks cabinets are all handmade to order by us. We only use the finest red wine barrels for our wine racks, which are completely unique. Our wine barrels are exclusively in a size called ‘barrique’, which holds an impressive 225 litres of wine! Predominantly sourced from some of the finest wineries in Bordeaux, they’re perfect for creating completely bespoke wine barrel furniture, and ideal as unique and eye-catching handmade wine racks.

Before we even start work on any of our wine racks, the barrels spend around 2 weeks in our unique drying room. This brings the moisture content in our wine barrels down to the same as furniture grade timber, meaning that our bespoke wine racks don’t just look amazing, but are built to last a lifetime, and now come with a lifetime warranty.

Below are some of our most popular designs, but we can produce our wine racks completely bespoke, inside and out! They can be created with traditional rustic charm or with unique modern twists, so if you’d like to add custom LED lighting, extra oak shelves, or even a bespoke UV bonded glass top, get in touch with us and let us know your requirements!

Our bespoke wine racks are your opportunity to get creative in your living space. Customising options mean that every wine barrel wine rack and drinks cabinet we sell is completely unique, and as we source genuine used wine barrels, no two are alike! You can choose the hoop colour, layout and design of your wine rack or drinks cabinet, and have a handmade, stylish feature to display all of your finest wines!